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Web Crawl Wednesday: Fresh to Death

I’ll take any excuse I can get to spend large chunks of time surfing the internet for Adventure Time themed goods.  This week’s Web Crawl features all things LSP!

(For those not in “the know” – LSP stands for Lumpy Space Princess.  She’s a crazy wonderful character on the cartoon Adventure Time.  Check out her wiki here!)

lsp zombies   you can't handle these lumps

lump off shirt


Photo Links: 1/2/3/4

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few LSP clips that I personally adore:

Sorry (not sorry!) I’m geeking out so hard this week – it’s going to happen A LOT around here.  I love me some cartoons!


Webcrawl Wednesday: Cat Edition

What kind of blog would this be without a decent cat post?  For this very first edition of Webcrawl Wednesday, Creature Club brings you:  CATS.


Mario-themed Cat Complex by CatastrophiCreations on Etsy.

I’m trying to muster the courage to wear this cat jumper to work.

caturday surpriseCaturday Surprise Potion on Adventure Time!

cat bagDigging on this rad tote from Stasiab on Etsy.

Need some cat videos to kick-start the day?  Check out Starburns’ Cat Car Commercial and this clip of Cat Jousting on Adventure Time.

Now run into the world with kitties on the brain, y’all!